Be Your Best Tomato

As coach, I often encourage my clients to ‘Be Your Best Tomato’. 

In a lot of cooking where tomatoes are used, the quality of the dish is often determined by the quality of the ingredients.

A local, sustainably farmed tomato harvested at its peak in late summer ? contributes more to any recipe than an off-season import not yet ripe at the grocery store.

Yet, we humans forget that the attention we pay to our well-being directly impacts the life we are showing up for.

Instead, we prioritize our boss, coworkers, clients, partner, family, and friends.

And we show up to our commitments to them anxious yet tired, overworked yet unsatisfied, and overwhelmed yet unfulfilled…so we compensate by overcaffeinating, overthinking, and overworking.

What if prioritizing yourself actually enabled you to better fulfill your other priorities?

What would be possible if we tended to ourselves first as our lives’ most essential ingredient?