Who Is In Charge of How Your Life Goes?

In mid-April, 2/3rds of Americans were worried that states would reopen too quickly. Yet one month later, all states began lifting restrictions.

Two weeks ago, 72% of registered voters supported wearing face masks in public. But today, almost a third of US states still don’t require citizens to do so.

And today, 63% of parents want schools to hold off on in-person learning. But because Trump believes “this thing will go away”, districts are reopening.

Everyday, the news shows us how those in power act in direct opposition to what the majority wants.

AND how in your life do you treat *yourself* the exact same way?


You are 8/10 committed to writing your Great American Novel. Yet you only read other people’s Great American Novels.

For the past five years, you’ve been 99% sure you want to change careers. But you still work for the same employer.

Or you’ve always wanted to earn seven-figures. Even so, you never negotiate your income.

No matter how badly your heart and spirit want something, you let your brain choose the exact opposite.

The good news is you don’t have to wait until November, another election year, or for the voting system to change to start choosing differently.

So…what are you waiting for?