Have you ever heard it takes half the length of your relationship to get over it?

If so, what would you do if a guy told you he ended a 13-year relationship 🚨 and called off a wedding 🚨 less than 5 months ago on your first date together?

Internet, I *married* him.

(In much less than 6.5 years FYI)

At first, I was skeptical.

But he believed in me, us, and our future together so deeply….

And he kept asking me out 😂

So slowly, I started to believe too.

What random time “rules” are you believing these days?

❌ That you need 10+ years to make it as an actor?
❌ Or if you’re never on a “30 under 30” list, you’ll die a nobody?
❌ Or when your morning pages aren’t done by noon, that 💯 means you won’t make any art today?

Time is not responsible for you getting what you want.

What you believe and repeatedly do with that belief is.

I teach creatives exactly how to spend their time effectively so they can create the life they want. We direct your thoughts and actions so they are aimed right at your heart’s desire. Then we shoot for it over and over until the achievement level unlocks.

This is the exact process that helped an illustrator create more art income in 3 months than she had in the entire year prior.

And a first-time director book 2 film festivals and win a 5-figure grant in the same length of time.

Being an artist is simple, clear, and doable.

So stop using time to make it hard 🙃

P.S. We will not talk about my husband’s random time rule that we needed to be together 2 years before he could propose. No, we will not lol