Warning: contains discussion HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 3.)

As few weeks ago, I was blown away by this performance of a drunk by Evan Peters with Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown. And I was notalone.

When interviewed about this shoot, however, Evan said, “I was hysterically sobbing. I thought we didn’t get the scene. I was like, ‘We didn’t get, we didn’t get it. I can’t do this. I’m terrible.’…What’s going on with my internal judgment? Where I don’t even know if it’s good.”

Evan had a textbook case of imposter syndrome. He experienced his acting as less competent than others – myself included! – perceived it to be.

And what character was he playing, you ask?

Why, an out-of-town detective with a huge case of imposter syndrome, of course 😉

The perfect actor to play this character drunk in a bar is the actor who hysterically sobs, believes he didn’t get it, and that he’s terrible when he’s playing this character sober 🎤

(See also: your feelings about someone backing away from you because of your race is perfect for your music.)

Let this remind you:

Your emotions are perfect for your art.

Your humanity is your superpower.

What magic will you create from radically accepting them?

What magic will you create from radically accepting you?


P.S. What can upgrading your vision look like? See what Raiane created from changing her relationship to fear:

“Before I started working with Nancy I was overall scared. Scared of spending money,  scared of intimacy, scared of declaring what I really wanted for myself and possibly failing at it.

I felt like a blocked artist, a bad life coach, a woman who only chose the “wrong” partners, and someone who was just struggling.

Hiring a coach felt incredibly irresponsible and, obviously, I was terrified of that too.
But the thing about Nancy is that she IS trust. And something inside me knew I had found someone with whom I could be bold and take a risk. Under her brilliant, loving gaze I started to let go of the idea that things need to be difficult in order to be worthy.

Seven months later, I live in the house of my dreams, with roommates I love, I have the best dating life I’ve ever experienced, my business has quadrupled in size, I’ve made 3X more money in the first five months of 2021 than all of 2020, and I am, once again, a working actor. PLUS I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of songwriting:  my first song comes out on Spotify in just a couple months.

There has been so much transformation that I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

So let me tell you: coaching works. Take that leap. Spend the money on yourself. It may feel like a lot. It is not.

I understand how worthy I am now. You are too.

And if you’d like your life to be the most joyful, amazing party ever, Nancy is the best DJ in town.”